Are you single and ready to mingle, need relationship recovery or just want to take a break from your busy schedule, Our fun-filled and affordable Singles Getaways is the right doze for you. Looking for Mr Right & Miss Right try our Singles getaway you never know who is on board. Miracles happen and you might be the next online to say the big I DO. Contact us today.

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Budget wildlife Safaris

Who says you can’t experience safari on a budget? Our budget safari holidays offer an extremely worthwhile and affordable alternative to numerous destinations in Kenya which include:

  • Budget Masai Mara Safaris
  • Budget Amboseli Safaris
  • Budget Tsavo Safaris
  • Budget Sambburu safaris
  • Budget Lake Nakuru Safaris
  • Budget Mt Kenya Safaris

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Budget Camping Safaris

Want to experience the “Wild Kenya” in an authentic way? A camping safari at Weekend Getaways is for you! Our Budget camping safari packages are the most pocket friendly comparable to none. Join our Best Camping Tours and Safaris to:

  • Camping in Naivasha
  • Camping in Sagana
  • Camping in Masai Mara
  • Camping in Amboseli
  • Camping in Mombasa
  • Camping in Nakuru

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Budget Beach Holidays

What’s a holiday without a beach? We might be slightly biased, but Singles beach holidays at Weekend Getaways is where things happen. We’re proud to be the beach experts and we have everything Singles look for. Call all your single friends and lets meet at our parties, you never know who is onboard:

  • Mombasa Beach Holidays
  • Malindi Beach holidays
  • Lamu Beach holidays
  • Zanzibar beach Holidays
  • Da es Salam Beach Holidays
  • Jinja River Holidays
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Dance Train Getaway

Don’t just pass through Singlehood stage, let it pass through you to. Have fun while you still can. Experience our unforgettable night outs as you get down with Dance Train Classics and enjoy amazing cultures in our beautiful country. The Party starts at departure in our mobile Disco Theater to selected venues.

  • Dance getaway at Nakuru.
  • Dance getaway at Mombasa
  • Dance getaway at Mt Kenya
  • Dance getaway at Naivasha
  • Dance getaway at Nyahururu
  • Dance getaway at Arusha

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Students Trips

The world is your classroom. Learning can — and should — happen everywhere. Field trips have been a part of education for thousands of years. A carefully planned and integrated field trip offers tremendous learning potential for all students. At Weekend Getaways we offer school trips & teen tours to country most incredible travel destinations.

  • Naivasha Students Trips
  • Masai Mara Students Trips
  • Lake Bogoria Students Trips
  • Mombasa Students Trips
  • Amboseli Students Trips
  • Lake Nakuru Students Trips

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Singles Pool parties

Looking for fun, dancing and swimming combined Pool parties at Weekend Getaways is there for you. We choose a great venues that is safe and has the right ambiance and atmosphere and then add a DJ, some great music and the chance for you to mix, mingle and meet with other singles and dance the night away until the wee small hours

  • Naivasha Geaothermal Singles pool Party
  • Lake Bogoria Spa Singles pool Party
  • Arusha Singles pool Party
  • Amboseli Singles pool Party
  • Singles Party at Wild waters Mombasa
  • Mombasa Singles pool Party
  • Nanyuki Singles pool Party
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